What it’s all about

I’m Jess, the founder of Eat Drink Think. I believe strongly that women need space to talk, rest and think together away from the daily grind. I believe that we deserve that.

When I talk to someone who is in the same boat as me, who understands the challenges I face, I always feel a bit better. When they come up with a really great suggestion, based on their own experience, that I know I could easily put into practice, I feel a lot better.

Eat Drink Think is about creating space for this to happen multiple times, in one evening, for a room full of women. The aim is to provide a fun, uplifting and inspirational evening that offers positive ideas and leaves everyone feeling nourished – physically, mentally and socially.

My work wife Emma is the best thing to have happened to these events – without her, most of you wouldn’t have heard of us, and every beautiful and thoughtful insta post comes from her marvellous brain.